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  1. Passion Radio

    Passion Radio

    Playing Real Dance Music

  2. Peak FM

    Peak FM

    The Best Music Mix for North Derbyshire

  3. Radio Pembrokeshire

    Radio Pembrokeshire

    Your Music, Your Station - 102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire

  4. Phonic FM

    Phonic FM

    Exeter’s sound alternative

  5. Pirate FM

    Pirate FM

    Playing Real Music Variety for Cornwall

  6. Pirate 80s

    Pirate 80s

    Cornwall's home of the eighties

  7. Planet Rock

    Planet Rock

    Where Rock Lives

  8. Podcast Radio

    Podcast Radio

    Showcasing fantastic podcasts

  9. Premier Christian Radio

    Premier Christian Radio

    Be inspired, informed & encouraged with a great mix of interviews, teaching, current affairs & music.

  10. Premier Gospel

    Premier Gospel

    Premier Gospel brings you 'music for life' 24 hours a day with the very best in Gospel music from the UK and around the world.

  11. Premier Praise

    Premier Praise

    Light up your life with your favourite Christian music and opportunities for spiritual reflection. Join the family at

  12. Pride Radio

    Pride Radio

    Out and Proud on 89.2 FM and online

  13. Pulse 1 for West Yorkshire

    Pulse 1 for West Yorkshire

    The Biggest Hits and The Biggest Throwbacks for West Yorkshire

  14. Pulse 2

    Pulse 2

    The Best Songs Ever for West Yorkshire

  15. Pulse 80s

    Pulse 80s

    Where Great Songs Live

  16. Pure Radio Scotland

    Pure Radio Scotland

    Playing Scotland's best music and the home of the Robin Galloway Breakfast Show.

  17. Q Radio Belfast

    Q Radio Belfast


  18. Q Radio Mid Antrim

    Q Radio Mid Antrim


  19. Q Radio Mid Ulster

    Q Radio Mid Ulster


  20. Q Radio Newry and Mourne

    Q Radio Newry and Mourne


  21. Q Radio North Coast

    Q Radio North Coast


  22. Q Radio North West

    Q Radio North West


  23. Q Radio Tyrone and Fermanagh

    Q Radio Tyrone and Fermanagh


  24. Raaj FM

    Raaj FM

    The best in Asian music, entertainment and news

  25. Radio Aire

    Radio Aire

    The Biggest Hits The Biggest Throwbacks

  26. Radio Borders

    Radio Borders

    The Biggest Hits The Biggest Throwbacks

  27. Radio Caroline Flashback

    Radio Caroline Flashback

    Pure Nostalgia

  28. Radio City

    Radio City

    The Biggest Hits The Biggest Throwbacks

  29. Radio City Talk

    Radio City Talk

    Rock, Sport & Talk

  30. Radio Essex

    Radio Essex

    The Hit Music Station

  31. Radio Norwich

    Radio Norwich

    Feel Good Favourites for Norwich

  32. Radio Plus Coventry

    Radio Plus Coventry

    Positive Radio for Coventry on 101.5 FM and online.

  33. Radio Plymouth 106.7FM

    Radio Plymouth 106.7FM

    More of the music you love. The home of Jon White at Breakfast.

  34. Radio Sangam

    Radio Sangam

    Bringing Hearts Together

  35. Radio Tyneside

    Radio Tyneside

    Easy listening music for the hospital community in Newcastle and Gateshead.

  36. Radio Wave 96.5

    Radio Wave 96.5

    The Best Music Mix for Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde

  37. Radio Woking

    Radio Woking

    Woking's community radio station

  38. Radio X London

    Radio X London

    Get Into the Music

  39. Radio X Manchester

    Radio X Manchester

    Get Into the Music

  40. Radio X UK

    Radio X UK

    Get Into the Music

  41. Radio LaB 97.1fm

    Radio LaB 97.1fm

    Radio LaB is a Community Radio station from the University of Bedfordshire, online and on 97.1FM in Luton.

  42. Rathergood Radio

    Rathergood Radio

    Why listen to anything else

  43. Red Kite Radio

    Red Kite Radio

    Classic Hits for Thame, Haddenham & the villages

  44. Redroad FM

    Redroad FM

    The Station With The BIGGEST Variety Of Music!

  45. Release Radio

    Release Radio

    Underground Dance from the UK

  46. Reprezent 107.3FM

    Reprezent 107.3FM

    Sound of Young London

  47. Resonance 104.4 FM

    Resonance 104.4 FM

    Resonance104.4fm is a radically alternative, award-winning, non-commercial station dedicated to London's diverse cultural life.

  48. Resonance Extra

    Resonance Extra

    Sound art, radio art and experimental music.

  49. RadioReverb


    RadioReverb - the sound of your city! #WeAreBrighton

  50. 100.8 Revival FM

    100.8 Revival FM

    The heart & soul of the community.

  51. Revolution 96.2

    Revolution 96.2

    Revolution 96.2 - Great Music Variety

  52. Ridings FM

    Ridings FM

    Hear the difference across Wakefield, Pontefract, Castleford, Featherstone, Normanton and Knottingley

  53. RNIB Connect Radio

    RNIB Connect Radio

    News, information and entertainment for blind and partially sighted people across the UK

  54. Rock FM

    Rock FM

    The Biggest Hits The Biggest Throwbacks

  55. Rother FM

    Rother FM

    Hear the difference across the Rotherham Borough

  56. Roundhouse Radio

    Roundhouse Radio

    Award winning youth-powered station of Roundhouse, Camden.

  57. Rutland Radio

    Rutland Radio

    Hear the difference across Stamford and Rutland

  58. Sam FM Bristol

    Sam FM Bristol

    Serious About Music

  59. Sam FM South

    Sam FM South

    The South's Greatest Hits!

  60. Sam FM Swindon

    Sam FM Swindon

    Serious About Music

  61. Scala Radio

    Scala Radio

    Classical Music for Modern Life

  62. Scottish Sun 80s

    Scottish Sun 80s

  63. Scottish Sun Greatest Hits

    Scottish Sun Greatest Hits

  64. Scottish Sun Hits

    Scottish Sun Hits

  65. Seahaven FM

    Seahaven FM

    The local radio station for Seaford Newhaven and Peacehaven in East Sussex

  66. Secklow 105.5fm

    Secklow 105.5fm

    Community Radio For Milton Keynes

  67. 106.9 SFM - Sittingbourne

    106.9 SFM - Sittingbourne

    100% Local Radio For Sittingbourne

  68. Signal 1

    Signal 1

    For Cheshire and Staffordshire

  69. Signal 2

    Signal 2

    The Best Songs Ever for Staffordshire and Cheshire

  70. Signal 107

    Signal 107

    The Best Music Mix

  71. Signal 80s

    Signal 80s

    Playing nothing but the hits from the 80s

  72. Silk 106.9 - Cheshire

    Silk 106.9 - Cheshire

    The best variety of hits for East Cheshire. Your number 1 station for local news, sport and entertainment.

  73. Skylab Radio

    Skylab Radio

    Music for the Mind, Body and Soul

  74. Smooth Berkshire and North Hampshire

    Smooth Berkshire and North Hampshire

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  75. Smooth Bristol and Bath

    Smooth Bristol and Bath

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  76. Smooth Chill

    Smooth Chill

    Music to chill to

  77. Smooth Country

    Smooth Country

    Just Great Country

  78. Smooth East Midlands

    Smooth East Midlands

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  79. Smooth Essex

    Smooth Essex

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  80. Smooth Gloucester

    Smooth Gloucester

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  81. Smooth Hampshire

    Smooth Hampshire

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  82. Smooth Herts, Beds and Bucks

    Smooth Herts, Beds and Bucks

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  83. Smooth Kent

    Smooth Kent

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  84. Smooth London

    Smooth London

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  85. Smooth Norfolk

    Smooth Norfolk

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  86. Smooth North East

    Smooth North East

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  87. Smooth North Wales and Cheshire

    Smooth North Wales and Cheshire

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  88. Smooth North West

    Smooth North West

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  89. Smooth Plymouth

    Smooth Plymouth

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  90. Smooth Lake District

    Smooth Lake District

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  91. Smooth Scotland

    Smooth Scotland

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  92. Smooth South Wales

    Smooth South Wales

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  93. Smooth Sussex

    Smooth Sussex

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  94. Smooth UK

    Smooth UK

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  95. Smooth West Midlands

    Smooth West Midlands

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  96. Smooth Wiltshire

    Smooth Wiltshire

    Your Relaxing Music Mix

  97. Solar Radio

    Solar Radio

    Your Classic & 21st Century Soul Station

  98. Somer Valley FM

    Somer Valley FM

    Local radio for the people of North East Somerset

  99. Soundart Radio 102.5 FM

    Soundart Radio 102.5 FM

    Soundart Radio is one of the few specialist arts broadcasters in the UK. Based in Totnes, Devon, UK, we reach audiences locally, nationally and internationally.

  100. Source FM 96.1

    Source FM 96.1

    Source fm is a community radio station made by and for people within a five mile radius of Falmouth and Penryn.

  101. Sout al Khaleej

    Sout al Khaleej

    Sout-al-Khaleej is an on air 24 hours a day on DAB & available on Spectrum 558am.

  102. Spark Sunderland

    Spark Sunderland

    Where Sunderland Lives

  103. SpireFM


    The Spirit of Salisbury

  104. Spirit FM

    Spirit FM

    Proper Local Radio for West Sussex

  105. Stafford FM

    Stafford FM

    From the heart of the county

  106. Star Radio Cambridgeshire

    Star Radio Cambridgeshire

    The Biggest Songs All Day Long

  107. Starpoint Radio

    Starpoint Radio

    The Real Alternative

  108. Strawberry Radio

    Strawberry Radio

    Stockport's Radio Station

  109. Stray FM

    Stray FM

    Stray FM

  110. Suffolk First

    Suffolk First

    Country music and more Suffolk

  111. Sun FM

    Sun FM

    Love Music, Love Sunderland.

  112. Sunrise Radio - Bradford

    Sunrise Radio - Bradford

    The Asian Hit Music Station - Sunrise Radio

  113. Susy Radio 103.4

    Susy Radio 103.4

    Sussex and Surrey's Susy Radio, community radio for East Surrey and North Sussex

  114. Swansea Bay Radio

    Swansea Bay Radio

    Your Music, Your Station - 102.1 FM Swansea Bay Radio

  115. Swansea Sound

    Swansea Sound

    The Best Songs Ever

  116. Switch Radio

    Switch Radio

    Made for Birmingham