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  1. Sounds Of The 60s with Tony Blackburn : Jumping Jack Blackburn

    Sounds Of The 60s with Tony Blackburn : Jumping Jack Blackburn

    The ever youthful Mr Blackburn with two hours of toe tapping, top tunes! This week includes tracks from The Rolling Stones and Sandie Shaw.

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  2. University Radio York - URY 1350AM

    University Radio York - URY 1350AM

    URY is a student-run station with diverse and broad output. Music for all tastes, radio dramas, documentaries and news.

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  3. Simon Beale

    Simon Beale

    Whether you're on a nightshift, on your way home from a night out or getting up early, Simon's got the best Feel Good sound track. Text 82122 or tweet @thisisheart to get involved.

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  4. Paul Hollins

    Paul Hollins

    Paul Hollins kicks off the week with Your Relaxing Music Mix through the night until 6am.

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  5. Cross Rhythms City Radio

    Cross Rhythms City Radio

    Positive rock, pop, R&B and hip-hop with local news and issues.

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  6. More Music

    More Music

    3FM Overnight

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  7. Freddie


    Freddie's on KISS with the BIGGEST tunes to get you through the early hours! Let us know what you're up to @kissfmuk

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  8. Max Mallen

    Max Mallen

    Max keeps you company through the night with The Best Music Mix, including High School Hits at 2am.

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  9. Angel Radio Portsmouth & Havant

    Angel Radio Portsmouth & Havant

    Snap, crackle, but no pop!

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  10. The Secret Guests (Omnibus) : Episode 2

    The Secret Guests (Omnibus) : Episode 2

    As the IRA close in on the true identities of the guests, an accident befalls one of the princesses. Read by Sorcha Cusack.

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