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Radioplayer for radio stations

What is it and how does it work?

When you join Radioplayer, your station instantly benefits in several practical ways (see below). But you’re also investing in the future of radio. We’re a non-profit, backed by broadcasters just like you, and we invest every penny into keeping Radio popular and simple.
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Joining Radioplayer

How do we join Radioplayer?

We'd love to welcome you into the Radioplayer family. To join, we'll ask you for some basic details and you'll be able to login to our tools and systems, read the documentation, build a Radioplayer popup player and create your station profile. When you're ready to go live on the platform, let us know and we'll do the rest.

How much does Radioplayer cost?

Radioplayer accounts are priced per annum, and our lowest fee band starts at £109pa + VAT. For that, we’ll give you the best web player in the world, to use on your site. It’s the player of choice for hundreds of broadcasters across the UK and Europe. And we’ll show-case your station in our brilliant mobile and tablet apps.

Setting up your Radioplayer

Setting up the web player is easy and there’s plenty of documentation to help. There are three typical routes…

  • Commission a third party to customise an elaborate console with extensive additional features.
  • Use our console builder tool which all subscriber stations have access to, to build a basic version that you can later adapt if you wish. Most stations that have someone who does their web stuff usually choose this option.
  • Ask us nicely and we’ll help you with the design of your console. You’ll then need to host the files on your website.

Why you should join Radioplayer

  • The best designed Radioplayer in the world
    Use it on your homepage. The same one used by the BBC and across commercial radio.

  • Access to some simple tools
    We’ve built tools which help you set it up properly, and get your metadata (station information) sorted.

  • Be discovered by millions of listeners
    You’ll be included in our search, recommendations and favourites systems, making you visible to all our users.

  • Google Chrome Web app
    And as we take radio into smartwatches, car products, home speakers, you'll appear there too.   

  • Native mobile and tablet apps
    You’ll be in our iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle and Android Radioplayer apps with the right streams. 


  • On-demand audio for your listeners
    Give us an RSS feed of your clips and podcasts and they’ll feature in Search too, playing when clicked.

From outside the UK and looking to join Radioplayer?

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Join Radioplayer

Applications are only open to stations that hold a current OFCOM broadcasting licence. Please read the terms & conditions before applying. If you have more than one station, please file an application for each and we'll link them together. By submitting an application, you consent to us processing your personal data.

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